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Prime Care Transportation, Inc. maintains to follow with all the required elements as defined in the Social Security Law, Section 363-d and Part 521, entitled “Provider Compliance Programs,” of Title 18 of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. All our staff members including the Management Teams, Executives, Employees, Interns and Volunteers are all dedicated to delivering a high-quality, systematic, and efficient transportation services to patients in the highest standards of professional and ethical business conduct.

At Prime Care Transportation, Inc., it is our priority to sustain a full compliance with all applicable State and Federal Laws that affect the delivery of healthcare-related services, especially regulations that prohibit abuse, fraud, and waste of healthcare resources.

Our Governing Board, personnel, volunteers, and interns shall comply with the following policies and standards:

  1. Ethical and professional standards.
  2. IHS policies and procedures.
  3. Laws, regulations, and program requirements.
  4. Non-discrimination.
  5. Offering or receiving items of value to induce referrals.
  6. Improper incentives to Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries.
  7. Inappropriate billing activities.
  8. Unfair competition and deceptive trade practices.
  9. Privacy and confidentiality.
  10. Questions concerning the Compliance Program.
  11. Report suspected violations.
  12. Non-retaliation and non-intimidation.
  13. Mandatory reporting.

To report suspected Medicaid violations or violations of the Medicaid Corporate Compliance Program, you may use the following compliance contact information below of Prime Care Transportation, Inc.